API 756T
he API Process Safety Committee approved “Management of Hazards Associated with Location of Process Plant Tents” in September. This recommended practice (RP 756) had been anticipated by the industry beginning in 2013. The report provides guidance for managing risk from explosions, fires and toxic material releases to on-site personnel located in tents. The API committee’s report evaluates recommended practices concerning five different types of tents utilized, including air-inflated structures.

Tents included in the tent siting evaluation study are intended for occupancy and may be used for breaks or meals, weather shelters, change houses, orientation, training, meetings, tool stations, offices, laboratories or equipment assembly, just to name a few. API 756 suggests tents for these uses and others will be required to meet the owner/ operator’s tent siting evaluation criteria, and mitigate consequences or risk where required. Air-inflated structures, or Dynamic Air Shelters (DAS), are considered to be the solution to minimize these risks and comply with API’s newly recommended practices.

Many industrial plants began purchasing DAS ahead of the approved practices to avoid the rush. As the leading distributor of DAS and a turnkey logistics services provider, Turnaround Logistics is currently helping turnaround managers and logistical planners comply with API 756 through supplying DAS, while increasing wrench time in the process.

DAS’ Director of Sales and Marketing Aaron Knape said, “Dynamic Air Shelters is proud to have Turnaround Logistics as a distributor of our products.”

As more industrial plants work to comply with API’s suggested safety guidelines, Shawn McGee, CEO of Turnaround Logistics, continues to see an increase in inquiries about the air-inflatable DAS and how plants can best comply while approving efficiencies.

“There is a lot of work to do to inform the industry about the importance of these shelters, how they improve safety and wrench time, and which shelter products best comply with RP 756,” he said. “As product experts, it is our job to help educate turnaround and safety managers on the best solutions to comply with API. Most shelters that are considered to be ‘blast resistant’ are actually not able to meet the high blast ratings DAS can.”

DAS is a soft structure designed without ridged beams to completely mitigate the risk of a metal beam falling on workers and becoming more dangerous than the pressure of the blast itself. While labeled as “blast resistant,” other tents’ structures still utilize ridged beams.

Turnaround Logistics is one of just a few providers for DAS, but the only provider with innovative logistical solutions both in and outside of DAS, and where you might least suspect it. The company creates logistical efficiencies where others do not through complementary custom services and products, including on-site catering, all types of lunch and break tents, specialty rentals, parking lot management and transportation, premium hygienic facilities, utility vehicles, generators, ice makers, cool down huts and alternatives to troublesome busses.

Turnaround Logistics’ experienced team prides itself on being able to use its extensive industrial experience and premier workforce accommodation products to work with customers to not only comply with RP 756 but to create innovative logistics solutions that help customers maximize their resources as their “turnkey solution partner.”

For more information about Turnaround Logistics and how they can service your next turnaround, call (281) 478-4670 or email sales@turnaround logisticsinc.com.