Keep workers safer, closer to the job. Or, in the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) words, “manage the risk from explosions, fires and toxic material releases to on-site personnel located in tents.”

API 756 provides guidance for these risks for use at refineries, chemical and petrochemical operations, natural gas liquids extraction plants, natural gas liquefaction plants, and other onshore facilities. The goal – mitigate hazards for tent occupants near process areas.

“API 756 suggests a soft-walled temporary structure inside an over-pressure zone of 0.9 psi (or greater) should comply with specific regulations. The only company in the world right now that can meet all of the regulations is Dynamic Air Shelters.” [i]

So, does your facility comply? As a distributor of Dynamic Air Shelters and solutions provider, here’s how Turnaround Logistics can help you maximize your compliance and safety:

Every facility’s needs are different. Contact us at (281) 478-4670 or to discuss the best Dynamic Air Shelter solution for you.

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